Studio Policy 2016-2017


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Studio Policy 2016-2017

This studio policy must be read, signed and returned in order to be enrolled for piano lessons at Park Piano Studio.

What to expect at lessons:
Lessons will be held once or twice a week in my home piano studio. Lessons are tailored to each student's age and ability and may include music theory, technique, sight-reading, recital piece preparation, and other areas as needed.

Student Expectations:
·     Arrive on time with all music books and materials needed for the lesson.
·     Complete all assignments of the week and fill out the daily practice log.
·     The quality and consistency of practice is more important than the quantity, however, I expect younger students to be practicing around half an hour daily and older students an hour or more daily. Great practice = great results, bad practice = bad habits that are difficult to fix.
·     Participate in studio activities including recitals and attend lessons consistently.

Parent Expectations:
·     Keep an open line of communication with the teacher about the student’s progress
·    Notify the teacher of any situations that may affect their child’s practicing or lessons (for example, is the student struggling in school or having a bad day?)
·     Help the student to set aside dedicated practice time and create an environment conducive to practicing (no background TV noise!)
·     Parents should periodically sit into lessons or bring a video/recorder to listen to their child’s lesson to see what we are working on.
·     Help the student to arrive on time, and if missing the lesson please give as much advance notice as possible. If you cannot find parking, it is okay to drop the student off before finding parking first. The best way to contact me in these situations is via text message, especially if I am in lesson with another student and cannot answer the phone.
·     Maintain the condition of the piano at home – have the piano tuned twice a year.
·     Please arrive on time and pick up students on time as well. I do not make-up for lateness.
·     Help supervise home practice sessions in a constructive and encouraging manner.
·     Know that every student at one point will face frustration with piano. Please be ready to provide encouragement as they develop the discipline to practice diligently and overcome hurdles in learning.

Fee Schedule for Private Lessons:
Per Lesson, Per Student
30 Minutes- $45
45 Minutes -$60
60 Minutes -$75
90 Minutes -$100
There is a 5% discount if you pay upfront for 10 lessons at a time.  

Financial assistance may be available for parents with financial difficulty on a case- by -case basis.

Studio Rules:
Please remove your shoes upon entry of the apartment. Feel free to bring socks or slippers. Please keep your hands clean and germ-free out of respect for other students using the piano and keep fingernails short.

Performance Opportunities:
I will strive to provide performance opportunities such as recitals to all students who are interested. If there are ever any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or text me at (425) 246-1866 or email me at Thank you!

Please sign and return this portion along with your tuition payment:
Student Name(s): _____________________________________    Birthdate: ___/___/______ Parent/Guardian Name(s): ______________________________________________________ Parent’s Email Addresses: ______________________________________________________ Home Address: _______________________________________________________________ Home Phone: _______________________ Cell Phone: _________________________    Can receive texts? _______ Cell Phone: _________________________    Can receive texts? _______ Emergency Contact Name & Number: ____________________________________________ Additional Comments?________________________________________________________________ 

Liability Waiver, Media Consent, and Studio Policy Agreement
I have read the studio policy and agree to adhere to the conditions stated above.  By enrolling in the studio and signing this studio policy, the student and the student’s parent/guardian(s) consent to and authorize Park Piano Studio to capture and use video-audio recordings and photographic images of the student and/or his or her musical performance or quoted statements in print, electronic, or online media, for educational and promotional purposes, and without compensation.
In case of medical emergency when the parent is not present, I will exercise my best judgement to find medical care for your child and you will accept responsibility for the medical expenses. You also hereby release Jean Park, owner of Park Piano Studio and her spouse or representatives from all liability from personal injury, illness, property loss, or damages resulting directly or indirectly from studio activities.  
Signature: ________________________________________________    Date: ____________